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Hey there!

I’m Zack Eaton, and as you might have already read in quite a number of places, I’m a designer, developer, photographer and a writer, and this website was made to showcase all of what I can do.

I am an Information Systems & Technology graduate from the University of Missouri Saint Louis. One thing I particularly enjoyed about majoring in Information Systems is that this field really allows me to use both my technical skills like computer programming and my front facing business skills. I am very passionate about data and analytics and I enjoy helping companies make better use of current data, as well as collecting new data.

I’ve participated in a variety of school events. Everything from hackathons, networking events, and even intermural pickleball. I am an active member of The National Society of Leadership and Success, Information Systems Programming Club, CompTIA AITP, and Marketing Club. I volunteered my film and editing skills to produce the original promotional video for the first UMSL Hack, which was a huge success. UMSL Hack just put on its fourth hackathon in February 2020.

I created this website so I could showcase all this and through this process, make it easier for you to connect with me. If you like what you saw, head over to the contact section below and send me a text. I would love to hear from you!



Web Developer & Digital Marketing Specialist

Specialized in: Wordpress, Digital Marketing, Web Security
Full-Stack Web Developer

Specialized in: Wordpress, Shopify, Content Management

DC Dev Shop
Business Development Manager

Specialized in: Sales, Marketing, HubSpot, Client Relations

Product Manager - Esports

Specialized in: Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Sales

Eaton Properties
Real Estate Agent

Specialized in: Property Management, Real Estate Sales

Strange Donuts
Front of House

Specialized in: Sales, Customer Service, Delivery