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FHNgameday.com is FHNtoday.com’s sports hub; actually named sports.fhntoday.com, it is directly attached to FHNtoday. Like FHNtoday, Gameday is a prime example of what a high school sports site should look like in the 21st century. With a fully responsive theme, news ticker, and a featured rotator, this three column styled site has a lot to offer. Gameday has a blog “widget” style homepage rather than the typical structured homepage. Here we show off every sport that is playing in the current season, as well as some other categories. FHNgameday has set the bar rather high for todays sports journalism websites everywhere.


FHNtoday developed a subsite, what most call FHNgameday.com is actually sports.fhntoday.com. Here you will find anything and everything sports related at FHN. Browse from hundreds of photo galleries both past and present, also check out all the scores for all teams playing per season. It also is packed full of new short-length stories like “Player of the Week”, as well as game and fan of the week. FHNgameday covers all sports held at FHN and is categorized by season. Gameday is full responsive, and like FHNtoday has a dominate featured rotator, and news ticker.


This is how the inside category pages are laid out, similar to the homepage however you see only two columns rather than three. The far right column holds a menu area, here you can see the most recent photo gallery off the bat and several other things. One thing the menu highlights is the “Athlete Style” section; here you can see athletes and their gear and why they use it. Another thing about the inside pages is the rotator only shows content for that category, rather than all posts.