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What It’s Actually Like to Furnish Your First Place Together (in GIFS)

Choosing pieces for your home can be stressful, but these GIFs can help you, at least, laugh through the process.

The only thing more difficult than finding a new home? Picking out the perfect furniture to go in it—especially when you have two people in the mix. A second opinion can be a great thing, but you may find you and your partner’s tastes aren’t exactly the same. At the end of it all, having a place that feels like the both of you will be totally worth it. Until then, check out these GIFs that can help you prepare (and find some humor in) what’s about to come your way.


The Best of Des Moines’ Late Night Treats

Des Moines isn’t exactly known for having a nightlife. Well times are a-changing and us Iowans are in for a late night sweet treat.

Here are the best of Des Moines after hours desserts:


12 Things You Need to Do This Weekend, 6/23

From the largest design expo in the country to Harry Potter improv, we’ve got you covered.

ART: Los Angeles Design Festival
The annual fête offers pop-up gallery openings, cocktail parties, and visits to architecture studios across town. This time around the focus is on DTLA, Silver Lake, Culver City, and La Brea Avenue. More information (June 9-26, 836 Traction Ave)