Influencer Marketing is a hot topic in 2020. But how can a brand know if influencer marketing is the right fit for them? Product sales are just a piece of the puzzle. While revenue is crucial to the overall success, an influencer can also create a lot of positive brand awareness and engagement. EyePromise used a Content Creator from the game Smite, through the talent agency Clover. Kurt “Weak3n” Schray has 162,000 subscribers, and over 2,400 videos uploaded to his channel.

The way EyePromise structured its partnership with Weak3n was: 3-month long contract, 1 sponsored video per month with ad-roll, on-screen ad space on Twitch Streams, affiliate discount code with revenue sharing, and one banner ad on Weak3n’s Twitch profile.

Weak3n was given total creative control over all videos and was kind enough to share the ad-roll portion of his YouTube video for approval prior to publishing. In these ad-roll spots, Kurt talked about his own personal testimony to the EyePromise product. Weak3n would encourage his viewers to try EyePromise for 3 months for themselves.

Below is a YouTube Playlist of the videos Weak3n has featured EyePromise as a sponsor.