Super Bowl XLVIII Ads

In Stories by Zack

With the 2014 Super Bowl right around the corner it’s time to get prepared for one of the best parts of the big game–the commercials. Now with normal television you would normally wish to skip right over all the stupid adverts and just get back to you show. You’d probably even rather get your teeth pulled than be forced to sit down and watch a few measly minuets of a advertisement on TV. I mean you can skip them on YouTube, so why not on the big screen!

So why is it that we all gather around our couches with our buddies and sit and watch all the advertisements to a 3-hour long sports game? Because it’s the Super Bowl that’s why! The only day of the year where extremely wealthy companies break the bank for a few seconds on prime TV real estate. These commercials are mostly brought to you by big names like Doritos, GoDaddy, Volkswagen, and other huge companies. Some times business go as far as taking it one step across the line of public television as a “big stunt” for their company in hopes to have it blow up and get them their moneys worth in publicity, good or bad.

Either way here are five Super Bowl XLVIII ad you must watch during the big game.

#5 Doritos – Finger Cleaner

With Doritos its a laugh a second, you honestly never know what to expect. Setting the bar high in years past and even airing user submitted videos these tiny tasty tortilla chips won’t let you down this year.

#4 Bud Light – Arnold Schwarzenegger

With none other than the big dog himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t need an introduction or reason as to why he made our top 5 list. C’mon, he was the Governator of California.

#3 Volkswagen – German Engineers create The Ultimate Game Day Commercial

In today’s market the car sales industry wasn’t like it once was. So for a large foreign automotive company like VW this ad ties in both their excellently engineered vehicles and modern day America.

#2 Audi- A Special Message from Sarah McLachlan

Now we all know once you hear the first three seconds of this hit song you’ll instantly want to hit that remote of yours and change the channel. But hold off a moment before you do so, because this isn’t the original ad where poor adorable animals are shown post abuse. Taking the concept of an early 2000’s figure “The Dog”, these pups make this commercial much more enjoyable than the last Sarah McLachlan ad.

#1 Dannon Oikos – Full House Crew

The Full House gang is back for this greek yogurt ad. But could it have a deeper meaning than just a chilled dairy snack? Could the Full House crew actually have one last trick up their sleeve?